Welcome to the Origin of Wisdom: Tribe Series Team Bonding and Team Building Programs

Play. Learn. Transform.

At Origin of Wisdom, we believe in the power of connection, creativity, and collaboration. Our Tribe Series Team Bonding and Team Building Programs are designed to bring your team together in innovative and impactful ways. Whether you’re looking to rekindle childhood joy, enhance well-being, foster creativity, or address workplace challenges head-on, our programs offer something unique for every organization.

Explore our transformative tribe training programs:

#1 Nostalgia

Reconnect Through Play

Rediscover the joy of childhood through our Nostalgia program, where we bring back classic childhood games to build strong team bonds and enhance team building. This program taps into the innocence and fun of youth, encouraging your team to connect on a deeper level through shared experiences and playful competition. The light-hearted nature of these games promotes laughter and relaxation, breaking down barriers and creating lasting memories.


  • Strengthen team cohesion and camaraderie
  • Promote stress relief and joy
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Foster a positive and supportive work environment

#2 Circle of Life

Wellness for a Healthier Team

Prioritize your team’s well-being with our Circle of Life program. This series focuses on wellness activities designed to support mental health and overall well-being through team bonding and team building exercises. By nurturing both the mind and body, this program enables employees to feel valued and energized. The Circle of Life program aims to create a culture of wellness within your organization, fostering long-term health and happiness.


  • Improve mental health and reduce stress
  • Foster a culture of wellness and self-care
  • Enhance team morale and productivity
  • Build stronger, more resilient teams

#3 Out of This World

Ignite Creativity and Innovation

Unleash your team’s creative potential with our Out of This World program. Through imaginative games and activities, we encourage participants to think outside the box, create new ideas, and innovate together. This program is perfect for teams looking to boost their creativity and develop innovative solutions. Out of This World enables teams to break free from conventional thinking and explore new possibilities, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.


  • Foster a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Encourage collaborative problem-solving
  • Boost team morale and engagement
  • Inspire new ideas and perspectives

Inside Out

Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Inside Out is one of our unique concept programs, using an inverse approach to address workplace challenges. By exaggerating the negative impacts of issues like gossip, complaints, resistance to change, and lack of motivation through games and activities, this program allows employees to understand the importance of positive change. After experiencing the problems firsthand, participants engage in activities designed to find solutions and improve their work environment. Inside Out empowers teams to tackle challenges head-on and transform them into opportunities for growth.


  • Raise awareness of workplace issues and their impacts
  • Encourage proactive problem-solving and positive change
  • Improve team dynamics and cooperation
  • Build a more adaptable and motivated workforce

Upside Down

A Different Perspective on Problem-Solving

Similar to Inside Out, our Upside Down program employs the inverse approach to tackle workplace challenges through unique activities that focus on different problems. This program enables teams to understand the consequences of negative behaviors and empowers them to create a more positive and productive work culture. Upside Down encourages teams to see challenges from new perspectives and develop innovative solutions. This program fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enabling teams to adapt and thrive in a changing environment.


  • Highlight the importance of adaptability and flexibility
  • Encourage open communication and teamwork
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • Strengthen team bonds and mutual respect

Customized Programs

Tailored to Your Needs

At Origin of Wisdom, we understand that every team is unique. That’s why we offer customized programs tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of your organization. Whether you’re looking to address particular issues, enhance specific skills, or create a bespoke experience, our team will work with you to design a program that delivers the outcomes you desire.


  • Address unique challenges and needs
  • Enhance specific skills relevant to your team
  • Create a bespoke experience for maximum impact
  • Achieve targeted outcomes and goals

Choose Origin of Wisdom’s Tribe Series, If You Want Your Team To:

  • Experience Unity with One Tribe, One Vision: Foster a powerful sense of unity and shared vision within your team.
  • Benefit from Tailored Programs: Address your organization’s specific challenges and goals with customizable programs.
  • Engage in Transformative and Fun Activities: Enjoy experiences that are both enjoyable and bring about lasting positive change.
  • Unlock New Possibilities and Connect Deeply: Foster deep collaboration and unlock new possibilities within your team.
  • Learn from Expert Facilitators: Benefit from the expertise of our world-class international facilitators.
  • Immerse Fully in Engaging Experiences: Dive into comprehensive, captivating experiences that transform and engage.
  • Feel Safe and Supported: Participate in an environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves and take risks.
  • Grow Beyond Comfort Zones: Challenge your team to grow and develop both personally and professionally.
  • Achieve Long-Lasting Impact: Ensure real transformation with the support of top management, leading to sustained success and development.

Join us at Origin of Wisdom and transform your team into a cohesive, motivated, and innovative tribe. Contact us today to learn more about our Tribe Series Team Bonding and Team Building Programs and discover how they can benefit your organization.

“I sent my team to Tribe, and from their feedback, they found that after the program, there was a consistent pattern of discipline, motivation, and high spirit among the participants.”

Mr. Woo
General Manager
Siemens Building

At Origin of Wisdom, we are dedicated and committed to building strong bonds among our participants, ensuring each member feels connected, valued, and inspired. Our Tribe Series programs are meticulously designed to foster deep collaboration, trust, and unity within your team. We invite you to contact us and engage with our transformative programs to elevate your team’s spirit and performance to new heights. Let us help you create a cohesive, motivated, and innovative tribe that thrives together.