SERVICE Excellence

Every organization/hotel/hospital has their standard operating procedure (SOP), however, SOP per se is not sufficient in providing excellent guest service. Based on our years of experience in the service industry, what is important is having the staffs come from an authentic and genuine care for the guests, from a personal level or what we call “being”, that will create a pleasant and long-lasting impact with the guests.


Service Excellence Program aims to support and equipped the staffs that are interacting with the guests with leadership skills and tools, and to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide heartfelt hospitality with authenticity
  • To be empowered as leaders in making responsible decisions
  • To take pride and ownership in their roles and responsibilities
  • To be present and committed to their work and not take things personally
  • To communicate more effectively with peers and guests
  • To be aligned with the team and to create synergy with team members
  • Ultimately, the staffs understand that they represent the organization and in the eyes of the guests, they are the “organization/hotel/hospital”.

Service Excellence
(Based on N.I.C.E.™)

Being NICE surpasses other customer service techniques in the market as it demonstrates how to BE instead of what to DO.

(Be in the Now or Present, guests know)

(Be Interested in the guests or future clients instead of making yourself interesting)

(Master the art of true and effective communication)

(Strive for excellence, the guests are here for the experience)

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