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SEEDS is currently one of the most powerful and effective programs in the world. The moment you remit your payment for the program, your inner-work begins.

BECAUSE A POWERFUL POSITIVE SHIFT is about to happen, our sub-conscious will relentlessly attempt to create dramas before the program and giving us convincing excuses to quit the program.  Our invitation for you is to hang in there until the program date, if you feel that something is showing up, you may communicate with us and we will support you at our very best. [email us]

100% Money-Back Guarantee
(Terms & Conditions Apply)*

*Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must attend all three days of the program from the beginning until the end.
  2. If by the end of the program, you find that you did not benefit from the program. You must inform the facilitators before the graduation dinner.
  3. You will receive 100% money-back without any question.


Please Read The Pre-Program Instruction

Welcome to the SEEDS Leadership™ Program. We are very excited to get to know you and to share this wonderful experience together with you. There are just a few simple things that we would like to inform you to get you ready for this incredible experience.

Program Venue

  • Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver
  • 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

Program Dates / Hours

  • 2019, Nov 8 (Friday) 9:00 am – 12:00 am or earlier
  • 2019, Nov 9 (Saturday) 9:00 am – 12:00 am or earlier
  • 2019, Nov 10 (Sunday) 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Graduation dinner starts at 8:00 pm

Breaks & Meals

  • There will be frequent breaks during the program.
  • Water will be provided by the hotel, please bring your own water bottle (with closed lid) to refill.
  • We suggest that you take breakfast before the program.
  • You are welcome to bring your own snacks, lunch and dinner for the program.
    Graduation Dinner is provided on Sunday at about 8:00 pm.

Dress Code

  • Please dress comfortably!
    Wearing jeans, sweatpants, and sneakers would be ideal as we have activities that require lots of movement.
  • Please bring a sweater or jacket (something that can be taken off and put back on easily). The temperature in the program space is kept cool. It is part of a teaching technique called Super Learning.


  • You will be provided with a workbook that includes blank pages for taking notes and writing utensils.

Hotel Room Rate

  • Code: Origin of Wisdom, booking ID 28301
  • Deluxe Queen Suites @ $130.00
  • Superior Queen Suites @ $140.00
  • Premium King Suites @ $160.00
  • Subject to 15% tax
  • Complimentary parking and internet
  • Buffet breakfast additional $15.00/person.

Parking (Non Hotel Guest)

  • $11 / Day

CarPool & Room Sharing

  • Please leave your comments on our Facebook event page.