Results speak for themselves

While numerous programs focus on actions, behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes, Dr. Rain’s transformative programs at Origin of Wisdom take it a step further. These programs delve into the very core of our belief system, offering a profound exploration and shift. Through this approach, lasting transformations are achieved, ones that endure throughout a lifetime. By courageously delving into the root causes that hold us back, particularly limiting beliefs, and replacing them with empowering beliefs embedded in our subconscious mind, we ignite our full potential. Brace yourself for extraordinary breakthroughs that will leave a permanent imprint through Origin of Wisdom’s exceptional programs.

In addition, Origin of Wisdom’s programs stand out in their ability to create lasting change due to their holistic nature. Instead of focusing on singular aspects, such as the mind or emotions, like most workshops and training. Dr. Rain has designed programs that address all facets of our being—mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Recognizing that we are whole and complete beings, these programs go beyond surface-level approaches. Classroom lectures and role-playing seminars, while valuable, may not penetrate deep enough to reach the core of our beliefs, which subconsciously shape our thoughts and actions. By embracing a holistic approach, Origin of Wisdom’s programs facilitate transformative change that encompasses our entire being.


SEEDS Leadership™  (Signature Program)
(Discover the Hidden Blocks to Your Dream Life)

The SEEDS program is life-changing program that is designed to transform your life holistically. Our program begins with a 3-full-day in-person event, which is followed by two weeks of coaching by Master/Senior Facilitators, and 12 weeks of mastermind sessions by certified coaches and facilitators. Upon completion, you will have access to our global community forever, and most importantly, you will have free lifetime revision at any SEEDS program around the world.

SEEDS Mastery Program*
*Pre-requisite: Seeds Leadership™
(Fully Own Your Authentic Self and Stepping Into Your Personal Sovereignty)

Seeds Mastery beckons us to embark on a transformative journey, anticipating deeper connections and profound transformations within ourselves. We delve into the depths of our being, integrating our shadows to unlock our full potential and embody wholeness. By liberating ourselves from shame, guilt, and pain, we embark on a healing odyssey, gaining clarity, purpose, and exploring uncharted realms of self-discovery. Embracing our authentic selves and personal sovereignty, we embrace a life of purpose, fulfillment, and unwavering authenticity. At the journey’s culmination, profound clarity reveals our authentic selves in all their magnificent glory.

Facilitator Development Program
*Pre-requisite: Seeds Leadership™
(Program by Dr. Rain, developing Facilitators in the WISE Methodology)

The FDP (Facilitator Development Program) is a transformative 7-day journey where you will uncover and share your unique gifts, talents, and message with the world. This program pushes you beyond your comfort zone in all aspects of life, requiring commitment and full participation.  Alongside learning W.I.S.E. Coaching and Facilitation Techniques from SEEDS Leadership™ Program, you will also gain the skills to create your own impactful programs.

[ By Application Only ]

The Heart of Parenting Program
(The key to successful parenting lies within you)

Parenthood is an incredible journey of growth and precious moments, yet it also comes with its challenges and no manual. We relied on shared experiences, expert advice, and online resources to navigate the stages of our child’s development. In the Heart of Parenting Program, you will engage in experiential learning that goes beyond mere tools and exercises. Join us today and embark on a transformative voyage that will deepen your connection with your child, creating a lifetime of cherished memories together.

Young Leaders SEEDS™ Program
(Preparing our young leaders to thrive)

A SEEDS™ Leadership Program designed for our young leaders. This program empowers youth to become leaders of their own lives, living with integrity and resilience. By nurturing their creativity, problem-solving skills, physical health, emotional expression, financial literacy, social communication, professional development, and environmental consciousness, they become independent, self-sufficient young leaders who honor themselves unconditionally and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Money SEEDS™ Program
(A Deep-dive into One’s Money Beliefs)

Unlocking the secrets to financial abundance is not as simple as attending a “How to make more money” workshop. If it were that easy, we would all be millionaires. However, there are proven principles that can truly attract, create, and grow wealth in your life. If you’ve attended numerous money-making programs without experiencing the desired results or find yourself trapped in a repetitive financial cycle, it’s time to address the root cause of the issue.

“Through my journey of self-discovery, I have learned that living from our hearts and having wisdom in discerning what is right for us is what truly matters.”
– Rain