• N.I.C.E. Sales Program

    The Art of Selling is in Your Being Not Doing


Optimize performance, maximize results

Even with today’s growing e-commerce presence, organizations are as strong as their sales performance. Companies that invest in their people have better results by maximizing the wallet share of each customer. This is done by shifting customers from revenue to customers as people.


There are four pillars of sales behaviours that are essential for professionals to lead themselves and their teams.

NICE is an easy and effective way to instill the tenets of how to engage with a customer that moves both parties to a successful result.

  • Now = Presence, how to put everything aside except for what’s happening there and then. Support your team to learn how to listen mindfully.
  • Interested = Curious, generally want to learn about the customer, the person, their individual and business objectives, and they are measured.
  • Conviction = Belief, articulate the why you and your organization are the right people to collaborate and trust to deliver.
  • Enrollment = Connect what you have to offer to what they need in a way that’s demonstrating the unique value that you and your organization bring to the organization.

Program Includes

  • Participant Workbook
  • Digital copy of the book, Being NICE Sells: 4 Keys to Being a Super Awesome Sales Master by Zach Ho and Dr. Rain Lim.


Empower sales professionals to take a differentiated approach to account management and opportunity pursuits that will boost your organization’s sales performance

Participants will learn to:

  • Be congruent and of integrity in enrolling and selling
  • Have an exceptional conscious listening ability that allows clients to feel that they are heard and listened to, and are willing to engage further
  • Have a greater level of understanding and compassion where clients feel safe to express and have a deeper conversation
  • Have a positive point of view and the ability to respond to objections


“After attending various sales programs and marketing workshops, N.I.C.E. truly gave my sales team a big boost in self-confident and how to genuinely relate to clients.”

Madam Mae Wong
Chief Executive Officer
Berjaya University