So, what is ‘Being NICE Sells’ all about? Well, most of us do prefer to deal with a sales person that is pleasant. So, the rule of being a super awesome sales person is to be NICE. Someone once told us that NICE stands for ‘nothing in-me care enough’, really? That’s not what we are referring to here, we are talking about being pleasant.

Here is a better acronym for NICE, not only this is excellent for sales, it is also awesome for someone who wants to be better and more effective in their communication.   The 4 keys we are about to share with you happens to be the acronym for NICE, this is our version of the word NICE: Now, Interested, Conviction and Enrolment.

No. 1 BE in the NOW

Be present with your clients.

No. 2 BE genuinely INTERESTED in them

As much as you are interested in your dates, money, kids, or perhaps your favorite sports teams, movies or actors.


Be of integrity in all that you do as it is the core essence of everything successful according to Buckminster Fuller, therefore you must be extremely congruent with what you are offering and absolutely congruent in selling it.


Lastly, combining all three keys in your being, now comes the doing part, the art of ENROLLMENT. In our opinion, enrollment is similar to selling in term of the actions, while selling is more on pushing, enrolling is more on pulling. With enrollment, there is a buy-in from the clients’ end because there is a genuine liking and respect for you for being present with them, for being interested in them, for having conviction in promoting your own products and services, and lastly, they are very clear that they want your products and services.

When you have mastered Being NICE Sells, don’t be surprised that some of your clients will voluntarily signed-up as your word-of-mouth marketing agents, now that’s super leverage!