• Service Excellence

    Leave a Lasting Impression


Create lasting impressions on your customers

  • Being N.I.C.E. surpasses other customer service techniques in the market as it demonstrates how to BE instead of what to DO.
  • Ultimately, the staffs understand that they represent the organization and in the eyes of the guests, they are the “organization/hotel/hospital”.


The organization’s people are the key differentiators and a critical contribution to the organization’s success

NICE is the cornerstone to authentically support your customers from their point of view.

  • NOW (Be in the Now or Present, guests know)
  • INTERESTED (Be Interested in the guests or future clients instead of making yourself interesting)
  • COMMUNICATION WITH COMPASSION, CONFIDENCE & CONVICTION (Master the art of true and effective communication)
  • EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE (Strive for excellence, the guests are here for the experience)

Program Includes

  • Participant Workbook
  • Digital copy of the book, Being NICE Sells: 4 Keys to Being a Super Awesome Sales Master by Zach Ho and Dr. Rain Lim.


Equip team members with the skills and tools to delight your customers with every interaction

Participants will learn to:

  • Take pride and ownership in their roles and responsibilities
  • Teams will be aligned to a common purpose and approach
  • Be confident in making decisions
  • Communicate more effectively with peers and guests


“Our nurses now have a great understanding of all the different personality types, they are able to communicate with all our patients effectively and more importantly leave a positive impression.”

Dr. Quah
Chief Executive Officer
LGL Specialist Centre