Are Leader Born or Made?

Many leadership programs are designed with the intention to transform your people into powerful leaders. While some studies belief that some leaders are born. At Origin of Wisdom, we believe EVERYONE IS BORN A LEADER.

Whether we are able to excel and grow into effective and powerful leaders, it takes more than just acquiring leadership skills, because skills are merely the action part. Modelling effective leaders is indeed a proven way, but nevertheless, one can never model the true essence of the leaders. Therefore, prior to learning what to “do”, consider instead, how to “be”.

In our program, you are given tools to practice and to remind yourself who you are innately, because you are born a leader not a follower.  Institutions govern our mindset and behaviour to certain fixed structure that are consider acceptable. Moving out of the box allow us to see our leadership qualities we were born with.  We facilitate you in rediscovering who you truly are. 


What results do we seek in our organization?
How do we continuously progress as a company?

(Leadership, Culture and System)

Leaders (the seeds) shape the culture & system
which generate desired results (the fruits)

There are 3 main components within an organization that are closely linked and generate the outcomes; Namely, CULTURE, SYSTEM and LEADERSHIP. Culture and system can be designed, shaped and changed, but such change is not sustainable if the leaders are not enrolled to the vision or are not in alignment in their values.

The SEEDS LEADERSHIP™ program focuses on transforming leaders in your organization because for the organization to transform first the leaders must be transformed. The INTENTION of the Leaders determines the Culture and the decision to create a System that supports it.

The reason leadership is the most widely trained and spoke about topic is simply because that is the core and foundation that truly yield the results.


The rest that follows is not only limiting to the people per se but also the culture and system.

The 5 Realms of SEEDS LEADERSHIP™ are:

  • Self Mastery
  • Expression & Empowerment
  • Enrollment & Engagement
  • Development (Continuous)
  • Support Structure

SELF MASTERY, to lead oneself or master oneself is the first and most important “realm”.  When we look within, we are in power and we have the ability to respond (Respond + Ability = Responsibility).  When we are not able to respond, we justify and blame our environment when breakdowns happened, and we attempt to fix our family, community, organization or our nation.  When we change “us”, we change the world.  As Gandhi said “BE the change”.  Similarly, when a tree is not producing the fruits that are not in alignment with what we desire, giving the tree more nutrients, sunlight and water will not change the results.  We must change the seed to get what we want.

The SEEDS LEADERSHIP program is designed to empower leaders to look into the Whole-Leadership-Development from all aspects, it is designed to transform your leaders (employees) into highly committed, effective and responsible leaders.  Your leaders will:

  • Lead with purpose and conviction
  • Able to take the heat and manage confrontation
  • Empower, develop and inspire others to be leaders
  • Lead from possibilities rather than fear
  • Create respect and collaboration within team
  • Come from Responsibility and Ownership
  • Be Authentic, Vulnerable and Powerful
  • Enroll, Engage and Inspire 
  • Create Effective Teams 
  • Build Deep Trust
  • Communicate Effectively


Don’t just do what effective leaders do, be!

Change from the core,

Change the seeds.