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We’ve got your back. Support with SEEDS Leadership comes in different forms to inspire you to transform into the best version of yourself.

Move from limiting powerless beliefs mode to limitless powerful beliefs mode:

Expert-Led Event

Dr. Annie Lim (aka “Rain”) doesn’t have any resemblance to Yoda, but The Force is real with this fearless leader. With over 15+ years of experience in personal growth, a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship, psychosomatic/ontological coaching, and a solid grasp of various modalities in spirituality, Rain has designed a program that harnesses the power of your mind and heart.


We all have our moments of weakness. If you’re feeling the urge to recoil, just knowing you’re backed by a network of powerful leaders who care and “get it,” can provide the strength to surge forward.

Move from victim mode to student mode:


It doesn’t matter if you’re Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins, anyone could use a coach to gain perspective and wisdom. Monthly group coaching sessions (X3) are included and access to 1:1 coaching is available for an additional cost.

Lifetime Access

Need a boost? If you need a refresher or want to welcome like-minded leaders, you can always experience the program again.

Move from procrastination mode to kick-ass mode:


Not just a fancy buzzword, these weekly meetings are an effective way to stay accountable and get results. Use a proven formula that will keep your group targeted and energized. (Think twice before watching back-to-back cat videos and snooping around Facebook.)


Get full access to any educational tools, professional advice, and tips to help you take charge.

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