• Wisdom Parenting

    Parenting from Love and Consciousness

Heart Centered Parenting

  • Do you want to have a more effective Parent-Child Communication?
  • Do you want to be better at handling feelings and conflict resolution?
  • Would you like to empower your child, instead of constantly telling what not to do?
  • Do you want to learn how to assist your children in learning self-control and appropriately express their emotions?
  • Do you want to create more cooperative, responsible children?

To develop an open and authentic communication between you and your child, and come from a place of:

  • Understanding
  • Love
  • Consciousness

It takes a partnership to create this magical relationship, and it starts with your…

  • Willingness

The way we walk to our children becomes their inner voice
– Peggy O’Mara

In this program, we partner with parents and empower them by inspiring a positive transformation within them.

  • Bridge the gap between parents and children
  • Promote conscious parenting approach
  • Empower parents to bring out the full potential of the children

After the program, parents experience the following results:

  • Develop the child’s self-identity
  • Better understand your children
  • Able to address children’s issue with a conscious intention
  • Able to handle their children with positive reinforcement
  • Enhance conscious communication skills
  • Empower to develop successful children
  • Guide their children from possibility rather than fear
  • Create trust and respect within the family dynamic
  • We do not inherit the planet from our ancestor, we borrow it from our children. - Native’s Origin of Wisdom

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